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Open Source
Production Ready
Ready-to-go, best-of-breed components
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BigFish Benefits

Benefits at a Glance

  • Production ready
  • Fast time to market, 35 - 90 day implementation
  • Fixed cost
  • Managed risk
  • Lowers barrier to entry to a robust environment
  • Integrated and scalable
  • Supports multi channel operations and cross channel shoppers
  • Facilitates dramatic business process improvement
  • Provides a platform for best in class
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Rapid return on investment (ROI)

BigFish is an eCommerce layer that enhances the capability of OfBiz (Open Source Platform). The solution utilizes a series of pre-configured, reusable and customizable eCommerce components which combine with a mature eCommerce project delivery methodology. bigfish is a fully developed and tested platform, enabling the rapid delivery of a production-ready solution.

Compared to Traditional eCommerce solutions, BigFish significantly lowers the risks inherent in launching a new eCommerce capability, or replacing an existing eCommerce platform. The primary benefit of the solution is that bigfish allows businesses to start small and scale quickly, eliminating the worry of having to subsequently "rip and replace" a system that you had believed would cope with increasing levels of traffic and customer demand.

Using BigFish, Solveda is able to implement a fully functioning eCommerce solution in a fraction of the time taken in traditional eCommerce development projects. Our eCommerce Platform replacement project for one client was implemented in just 35 days.

BigFish was developed to get a merchant's eCommerce solution operational fast. Typically, bigfish includes all of a typical merchant's initial requirements for an online B2C solution. This allows a merchant to start selling online sooner, lowering 'time-to-value' significantly.

More specialized requirements, such as multi-channel or cross channel readiness, can be delivered after go-live or as part of an extended project. Solveda's approach allows a company to concentrate on its own business operations, rather than its technical capabilities.

BigFish is production ready, meaning there is no development of core functionality required, unlike traditional bespoke eCommerce development projects. Solveda is experienced providing integration activities to back-end systems - such as order process and payment gateway - and delivering rich front-end designs.